Wednesday, 13 January 2010

uneasy day...

an uneasy day when the long expected call hasn't come and the abstracted soul leaves a void. life goes on in a lacklustre way.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

waves and storms

After the storm comes the clean air and the tranquil sea, and sometimes even streets beautifully strewn with fallen leaves - when they have almost dried up. Cloudy days, chilly days, blustery days, or gloomy days have set the right kind of tone for winter and afterwards one gets overjoyed when there's a brief spell of sunshine. As daylight fades away and moonlight is nowhere to be seen, the imagination of darkness sets in.

these days have seen some ups and downs. good days with lots of good fun and happy moments that somehow end on an unhappy note. storms bring disruption and turbulence and whirl away certain tiny particulates and pollutants; they leave a ravaged landscape yet confer some reawakening or refreshening power. i used to hate storms big or small, natural or man-made and resist them where i could, but at some point i began to invite and encourage them in a way... they have recurred to the point where they have become part of life as if they could come and go without raising an eyebrow, as if i had become a century-old tree that might well have a hollow heart but could still, for now or maybe much longer, stand upright enough to withstand any wind--until it gives way and collapses.