Monday, 11 August 2008

A new beginning

So I've finally refurbished my blog with a nicer picture that symbolises the breadth of a whole new world out there to explore.

I can feel that I'm reawakening now lol. The last few weeks since I came back to HK from oxford, and then the exams, and the trip, and a two-week void, I think I've been worn out somewhat. The previous year has indeed spent all my energy and enthusiasm, and all this is really my post-oxford syndrome. The actual workload has physically increased my headaches and the readjustment is slowly coming by now - yes i'm settling in HK again (though I'm about to leave again)... A chat with Ray has clarified this stage that i'm going through - a feeling of being constricted and stifled within the confines of HK (its lifestyle, mentality, climate, physical conditions etc). There's been pressure from different sources which I haven't had to deal with for a long time when I was abroad, and now all of it came together. In other words my excuses of being abroad and having finals to work towards (amongst others) are gone.

I am also feeling that what I have acquired and learnt, all the insights and beliefs seem to be slowly fading away - yes already in such a short time. I really don't want my passions and ideas to die away, so I must revamp this blog and recreate a new world. It doesn't have to sound so cheezy but I like this phrase, and it sounds better lol.

This blog was originally dedicated to intellectual exchange of ideas and sharing of experience. I have evidently not done enough to promote this blog, let alone having abandoned it for so long. But I agree that the internet is the way to go, and it's 21st century after all... I'm in particular interested in education (and predisposed towards ranting about my life), but anything is welcome here.



Peggy said...

havent come here for a while as I was dealing with some family stuff and other stuff at the same time.

I think keep writing is important. And yes, i absolutely understand the quietness being abroad can bring - once you are back in hk, yes, you get frens and family who can bring lots of happiness, but here comes the intensity of a full family life - living in it is very different from just catching up on the phone. Living the real life needs courage - and this is related to your comments about commitment - in my mind, the 'Unbearable lightness of being" describes it the best - a person escapes from the heaviness of 'living' (as opposed to 'being'/'existing') and eventually his life becomes very 'light' (no commitment) but it is reduced to 'being' that it is unbearable.


Paddy Law said...

Thanks Peggy. Very much indeed. I guess part of it was I was losing control over my own life like I used to have in oxford, and also I was lethargic for quite a while. But I think that temporary phase is slowly passing away now. I feel rejuvenated and my energy is coming back to me.

Incidentally I read a couple of chapters of The Unbearable Lightness of Being too. I found that sentence quite interesting though I find that somewhat over-generalised. Life is rather paradoxical - we can be equally pissed off with 'heaviness' and 'lightness'. I feel that we're all swinging from one extreme to the other most of the time.