Thursday, 27 August 2009

On the move

So I'm on the move again. This time I'm not moving away from HK, but only away from HK Island to Lantau Island (Mui Wo). I've finally come home, but I'm leaving home in no time at all. I guess as my friend said there's no return once the journey has started - I have after all isolated myself long enough.

It comes as a surprise to many of my friends both the fact of living out without a full-time job and moving to a rather remote place. But I have, for once, swiftly have this decision, as if the wind was taking me there. I am quite keen and sanguinely hopeful that the turning of this page will mark the beginning of a more interesting and fulfilling chapter of my life. There will be mountains to climb, trails to explore, and a breeze to awaken my soul :)

Of course a housewarming party will follow!

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