Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Debating achievement

Amidst a lot of rather depressing news about the china earthquake, the burma cyclone... and the death of the little bird just hatched as the nest was blown apart, I just got some amazing news about the debating achievement of my high school team this year.

They made it to GRAND FINAL of the Singtao competition. I'm SO PROUD of them. That's such amazing achievement, and I'm so glad that their potential is being fulfilled.

Also, there is the new record of HKU English Debating Team's achievement at Worlds - they made it to Semi-finals :)

I'm really happy for you all high achievers. Though I dont think i can really achieve anything in debating lol, and the teams have moved on since i left. I should work harder.

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Kenny said...

OH MY GOD!! Paddy!!