Monday, 12 May 2008


I've been meaning to avoid thinking but I guess the point has finally come when I just couldn't help but break out of the invisible box. The last couple of months have been a fairly routine period for me with my mind singularly focused on law, and pretty much law alone for the most part. And I could only achieve that by consigning my autonomous reasoning and free emotions to a quiet corner. Everything has been plain and ordinary, to the extent that it no longer feels plain or ordinary any more because the standard of comparison is lost.

Probably I haven't quite succeeded in dispelling the distracting summons because in the back of my mind it just cant help wandering off to some random territories.

It is this little greeny boy looking at the beautiful world. As I listened to the rustling leaves and gently blowing wind, wondered about the shining moon and my guiding stars, I realised this dream was probably coming to an end soon.

Yeah I implied that law has been a prison of thought for me in many ways, and it's not entirely negative to break free from this restrictive spell--or dream.

A teacher has given me some insight about 'burdens'. What he said precisely wasn't the point, but he led me to realise that there are three reactions to 'burden'. You are (1) unable to take the burden, or (2) unable to release the burden, or (3) about to take up the burden. 不是負擔不起, 而是這個擔子我發現自己是放不低, 唯有鍛煉身體, 撐住. 我說的是未來前景的問題.

I don't like the present me at all. After finals I'll have to reexamine myself.

thats an interesting expression.

That's the sign of life - the leaves sprung out in merely a week's time.

That's by the way the view from the window of my room. I'm very grateful that there's this endearing tree just outside.

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Peggy said...

hope u hang in there at the moment for the exams - nearly done / done already?