Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Art (handcraft) class at Meilahden ala-aste (Grade 1)

These are the art works of first graders who had only had one month of classes. The theme at the moment was autumn, and the boards showed the works that were completed in just a month, with owls, drawings of body parts, landscape pictures etc.

Susanna, the art teacher, said the general learning objective in these handcraft classes was to train them to observe more, and think and judge themselves what looks nice. She gave them a lot of freedom to do artwork in their own way.

She said the emphasis was to ‘find their own way of doing it’.

The most impressive thing was she had trained them in just a month’s time to be very orderly, and know exactly what they were doing. They had to go here and there for different materials. Say if they needed scissors, they would know where to go (There were labels on cupboards), or glue, they would pour glue for themselves. A little clumsy at times, and if glue fell on the floor, teacher had to clean it up, but in general the little boys and girls were very independent.
They had their own learning pace as well. Some finished their owls more quickly than others, and moved on to knots. They kept asking questions by shouting.
They were going to be introduced to various materials since very early, eg water colour very soon.

This tells a lot about the foundation work done at the first grade.

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