Friday, 17 October 2008

cookery class: independent thinking and working together

It initially seemed no different from the cookery classes I had been through in HK myself, but after some observation I realised there are two interesting differences.

The teacher gave instructions and explained how to make the apple pie once. The teacher refused to give any demonstration. In this way students were encouraged to think for themselves how to make it and the teacher said ‘they were here to learn to think for themselves’. Teacher was of course there to answer questions and help out in small groups. (It's a bit like reading math problems in exercise books and attempting questions, and to be fair the recipe for apple pie is not terribly complicated!)

Another amazing thing was everyone got along really well and worked in groups. They naturally went around and helped each other out in other groups, very nicely. They were like a big family together, and would see how others were gettnig on.

And they were generous kids who liked to share ;) i got to try their apple pies as well, sweet! Another plus, the Finnish teacher didn't speak English, and I used my limited German to talk to her!

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Lift up the eyes, Amazed by God's work said...

hey Paddy! how're you? just get to know your blog from Miss Wong of SGSS. First, Congrats on your achievement in Oxford! Just proud to hear about your achievement. So, are you planning to get into a teaching career? what's your dream?
keep in touch!
Queenie =)