Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Moision Koulu

Moision Koulu is located in Salo, about 1 hour and 10 minutes away from Helsinki by train. Salo is the town of the first mobile phone factory of Nokia, and hence a fairly well off area.

It is a upper comprehensive (offering Grades 7 to 9) with approximately 443 students.

Compared to the other two schools I visited, this school has a relatively homogeneous Finnish student population, with only 25 international students mainly from Russia.

There are a few special features about the school:
1. It has a special music programme for students with more talent in music.
2. It has a special computer science programme for students more keen on computer technology. Both programmes admit students by selection.
3. It has initiated a Comenius Project with Poland and Scotland for teachers to share their teaching experience. It has just started so it's still too early to assess its effectiveness.

A further note about the school - it is fairly resourceful because of the funds provided by the municipality as they can afford expensive teaching equipment (for music, art etc) and apparently they give teachers extra subsidies (which is fairly unusual in Finland). I was told usually one vacant position from this school would attract 50 or more applications.

And a big thank you to Anneli for agreeing to and organising my visit, as well as looking after me!

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