Thursday, 2 October 2008

Two Finnish boys at Meilahden

I had a chat with two rather very shy boys (D and M) (both in Grade 4) who were responsible for attending the door bells at the main entrance. I took that opportunity to chat with them.

They like reading playing football, baseball, tennis, reading comics, playing computer games and playstation,

Their favourite subjects are PE classes, woodwork, history and English. They both know about Dragon Ball, (they liked Sun Wu kong most) and say they don’t read books.

Their conversational English is very good for students at their age – they had only learnt English for three or four years. They could answer questions very accurately and directly. Occasionally they didn't know the English expressions, and we had to consult my Finnish English bilingual dictionary!

They had both travelled out of Finland before – in Bulgaria and Sweden respectively.

A funny thing was Daniel kept asking me, ‘Why are you asking this?’ when I asked what those trees were called. I was just having a casual chat with him!

And when I asked them if they liked the school, they said it in a very Finnish way, ‘it is very nice.’

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