Thursday, 2 October 2008

Fine Arts class at Meilahden ylaasteen koulu (secondary)

Fine arts (Marida)

Marida was teaching water colour painting. She started with theories with some very colourful pictures as instruction of different steps to take. All the students were copying down the words on the slide. Some were also drawing as they copied. Teacher emphasised basic techniques. She said students wanted to learn the basic techniques and were not confident themselves. This was confirmed by the attention the students showed!

Teachers handed them copies of animals like reindeers and birds, and students chose what they liked to draw from.

Teacher asked them to do some practice in a column and most students did that in a very nice way, making a spectrum of one colour.

She intentionally gave them only three colours for each student to mix the colours and get what they liked.

In the theories bit, the teacher showed slides about sketches of the landscape before water colour painting starts. Only one Finnish girl managed to do that and oh she was so very interested in art that she would blend the colours very nicely even when cleaning up. I could tell she would have loved to keep painting and the lesson was too short for her. Her friend tidied up her things for her when they had to go!

The teacher said to them that it is meaningless to keep doing what they already know, and they should try harder. it is only through struggling that they learn. I didn't expect that! She said students give up too easily now.

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