Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Meilahden ala-aste - Primary school (overview)

Meilahden ala-aste was established five years ago. This is a Finnish comprehensive school, with bilingual education offered in various languages such as Swedish (full immersion), Estonian, Russian, Chinese. Terro said it was only ‘one stream’ because everyone studied Finnish, and chose one foreign language. There are 360 students in the school. 100 students with non-Finnish ethnic backgrounds such as Palestinian, Somalian, Chinese, Indian and South African.

It started Chinese bilingual education this year. The main target students who receive Chinese teaching are those who already speak a reasonable command of Chinese. They are generally overseas Chinese or ethnically mixed children with a Chinese parent- in short those who need or prefer Chinese education.

Curriculum: Maths, Science (including geography, biology and physics, Finnish, Art, Music, Woodwork, Textile, religion, Physical Education, languages, History (from 5th Grade onwards)

This is the school ethos: questions, fun, sunshine ...

Classes that I have observed in the school: Chinese, Mathematics, English, Art, Music, Woodwork and Science.

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