Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A few more words about independence

Some Finnish people have told me that it is impossible to find plumbers and electrician in Finland. This does say something about the work or life ethos there: do it yourself. (I think this owes itself to the school training Finns have received in school: woodwork, textile and cooking etc) In the hostel, i read signs saying 'Your mom does not clean for you.' In fast food shops and school cafeterias, students always sort their rubbish and do their bit rather than leaving all the trays on the table for janitors to clean up. On the plane, I saw a Finnish couple sort of babysitting their two or three year old girl who was munching on a home made sandwich in her hands (although it was a bit clumsy). And children go to school on their own (i heard minus 20 degrees notwithstanding). Some might think they take it a bit too far when finnish girls insist on paying for their own drinks, and they are happy without ladies' night, however.

And I almost forgot, there's a Finnish joke that i'd like to share here (thanks to my Finnish summer evening guide, Maija):

'Finnish men used to be made of steel (referring to Paavo Nurmi who got 9 Olympic gold medals in three events - a 'flying Finn'), while Finnish women are still properly Finnish women.' I find that quite funny.

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