Friday, 10 October 2008

A small update, and a big thank you

I have now formally settled in for my final year at Oxford. Things are pretty familiar--and nostalgic. I spent the evening setting up my room rather than doing my reading. These show the amazing things and kind wishes that my family and friends have given me all these years. I thank you all for being so supportive, and walking along with me.

It helps a lot to know that I'm not alone, I think this is what kept me going for so long.

Term is finally going to start, and I'd better get on with my work as well. i'll be a fresher all over, and it is going to be a fun year working away.


Anonymous said...

Do you still remember Kristina yet? The one who taught in Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School? She said our (I am in f.2) class is so passive and she said she thinks you are the the best student who she ever taught. And also she said you are active. Therefore, she asked our classmates to visit your blog.

Paddy Law said...

Thank you for your very kind message and visiting my blog. You are lucky to have her!

Anonymous said...

Seeing a comment from my schoolmate stirs me to leave a comment too. I am in F.4 and Kristina always say "Paddy was very active..Paddy..." And I can say she is quite disappointed with our class. I am also studying in the science stream but I like arts better. There is very less time for us science students to read books except those books full of numbers. Did the same thing happen to you?

Paddy Law said...

Thanks for your comment! I think Kristina has an exceedingly positive impression of me! She was very supportive even when I was no longer her student, and gave me a lot of advice on everything (including reading and improving English etc).

I was a bookworm though - so maybe you don't want to hear how super-keen I was in reading, but sometimes it is a matter of having a book with you, and flipping through it when you have a moment. I have lost touch with the current developments - is it quite tough going now in S4? I remembered struggling a bit when S4 started, and had less time for reading than before. It calmed down after a while and once I adapted to the course and the many ECAs I had more time for reading again. I also remembered feeling quite unhappy with my English when I was in S4 - I felt that I lost my sense of English as I stopped reading for a while.

But I think it all boils down to how interested you are, because you're bound to find the time for it if you like it well enough. Pick books you like and read in your own pace.

A final word - life will only get busier :) if you want any advice on what books to read, feel free to email me at